Proyekto sa Araling Panlipunan II


Bawat bansa sa Asya ay may ipinagkaparis at mern ding ipinagkaiba. Marapat lamang na malaman antin ang mga mahahalagang impormasyon tungkol sa ating karatig bansa nang sa gayo'y malaman natin kung ano ang kanilang mga pinagdadaanan, pati na rin ang iba't ibang kultura sa mga bansang nabibilang sa Timog Kanlurang Asya.

Sa inyong pagbasa sa mga susunod na bahagi ng proyektong ito, unti-unti ninyong matutuklasan ang iba't ibang kultura, relihiyon, uri ng pamilya, edukasyon, sining at maging sa larangan ng pampalakasan o sports sa mga bansang nabibilang sa Timog Kanlurang Asya. Dito inyong matatanto kung ano ang ipinagtulad natin pati na rin ang ipinagkaiba ng bansang Pilipinas sa mga bansang nabibilang sa Timog Kanlurang Asya.

Tunghayan nating ang iba't ibang datos tungkol sa Timog Kanlurang Asya.



Testimonials by the Students for the Middle East, Islam, and Arab World Class

You are a great teacher, not to hard but not to easy. What sets you apart from mediocre teachers is you have a desire to see your students learn and that is very obvious through your seminars. You have a very caring heart to want to bring two cultures together with understanding. Thanks so much for the knowledge and the better understanding of the Middle East and Islam. I wish you great success and a long career.
Jonnie R.

Waking up at 7 o'clock on a Saturday morning is far from my ideal way to start off the weekend. I went into the class thinking that if I could just manage to stay awake I would be doing pretty well. As I walked into the White Administrative building I sighed at the thought that I would have to be looked indoors all day in a boring seminar. Little did I know that by the end of the seminar I would be laughing and would actually come out of it knowing more about the Middle East, Islam, and the Arab World.
Cortney C.

Once again I was left in awe of another extraordinarily delivered seminar. The content was well delivered and very knowledge based. I have never experienced such an enlightening journey outside of worship on Sunday morning at my church. This seminar gave a new meaning to “knowledge is power” through the importance of global education. I learned from this seminar about the similarities between the three major religions and the importance of global education.
Sara M.

I laughed quite a bit and learned quite a bit and overall came out a better person than before your seminar. I know how important it is to learn and rule out misconceptions before we become part of the problem. I learned that misconceptions go both ways from our standpoint of others and from their standpoint of us....
Cathy W.

I admire Dr. K for his willingness to try and educate people about Islam and the Middle Eastern culture. It had to be a difficult subject to present because it seemed that there were many highly religious people in the audience at this seminar who were more interested in arguing with him than they were in learning and trying to understand the Middle Eastern culture. It seems that most Americans who are very religious stick to their own beliefs and think everyone else is wrong for the way they believe. Dr. K was not saying that one or the other was right, he was just trying to present both sides in an effort to educate people and allow them to draw their own conclusions.
I thought the best part of the seminar was that Dr. K made it fun. We got to play the millionaire game so we could interact and not get bored. I also thought the PowerPoint presentation was presented very well with all the animation. This seminar not only presented a lot of interesting facts that I didn’t know, but also had a lot of humor. You can’t go to one of Dr. K’s seminars and not laugh and have a great time. I learned a lot about the Middle Easterner’s religious activities and our similarities to them. I would encourage everyone to attend this seminar. Not only to get your points for going, but you will come out with so much more knowledge than you had before.
Lindsey N.

As far as the presentation goes, it was top notch! You were able to capture and hold my attention for the entire day. I especially appreciated the way you incorporated humor into the overall gamut of a very sensitive issue. You were able to keep things in proper perspective and truly did not try to “convert” anyone to your way of thinking. I really appreciate that! When you announced at the beginning of the seminar that you were neither a politician nor a preacher, I had my doubts because most people with the kind of passion that you displayed would usually have a hard time keeping their bias out of the discussion. You, on the other hand, kept things neutral and free of bias. It was very interesting to see you lead a group discussion about a very touchy subject, and keep things directed appropriately.
Thank you for taking time to put together a presentation that was not only informative and entertaining, but for some a life-changing experience.
Laurie J.

I also learned that you know how to hold everyone’s attention and present the information very well. The way that the slides were laid out and the way that you used humor to keep everyone interested. The games and questions were an excellent way to give everyone incentive to learn and want to know about the things you were teaching. It made me pay attention and actually enjoy learning about the Middle East and the trade we have with them and the rest of the world.
Justin W.
I would really advice everybody to enroll this class because we get smarter.
Davy S.


Aming napuna na ang Timog Kanlurang Asya ay isang lugar kung saan ang mga tao ay iba iba at maganda ang diversity dito. Ang ilang mga bansa ay nagkakaiba sa relihiyon, sa uri ng pamahalaan at sa iba pang aspeto ng buhay at kultura. Gayon pa man, nagkaroon ng magandang epekto ang pagkakaibang ito. Naging maganda ang kinalabasan ng mga pagkakaiba ng mga tao para makabuo ng isang rehiyon kung saan ang lahat ng uri g tao ay tanggap. Kami ay tunay ngang natuwa sa kalagayang ito.

Alam nating lahat na maraming kaguluhan sa Timog Kanlurang Asya. Maraming mga suicide bombings na nagaganap sa Iraq, Israel at Palestine. Ngunit at mga awtoridad sa nasabing lugar ay tulong tulong na ipinag tatanggol ang mga tao doon. Nagkakaisa sila upang masugpo ang terorismo.


Aming napag-isip isip na marapat lamang na alamin nating mabuti ang kalagayan sa Timog Kanlurang Asya. Iba man ang katayuan nila at lahi sa atin, iisa lamang ang mundong ating ginagalawan. Marapat lamang na atin silang igalang at kilalanin dahil ang bawat tao sa mundo ay nilikha ng Diyos upang magtulungan at magkaisa tungo sa ikauunlad ng lahat.

Ipinasa nina:
Mark Anthony Catalig (Religion)
Kathleen Pedrosa(Culture)
Feliziene Mendoza(Family)
Patricia Fermin(education)
Sahara Pourkaramy Lighvan(Sports, Government, Reaction, Web Designing and Over all editor)
Ralajean Semira(Introduction, Conclusion)
Marjorie Davantes(Arts, Additional Info)

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